Fear 3

Travis Hinkle did his project by having everyone judge his 3-D work. Travis allowed us to grade his work on a scale form 1-10, 10 being the best, other that that we were free to judge what he had done.

His project had the biggest impact on me because I also want to go into 3-D. I graded Travis’s work based on a professional level portfolio because if i showed my 3-D work to others I would want them to judge it harshly to see where I need improvement to be with the best. I ranked most of Travis’s work mostly low however I thought his piece with the pink scooter was professional and looked great and that one I ranked the highest. 

Comparing his project to mine and fear, he created all of his work where I took some YouTube videos and edited them a bit. I didn’t create much of my project. With fear, my fear is fear of something else, something not fully known. Where Travis’s fear was based on what people thought of his work. I have done few of the same works Travis has done but so far I have not gone far in working in 3-D. What I want to do is 3-D animation making objects and models move in the most accurate way possible. However I need to make models first which I fear to make because I do not know how to do them at a professional level.


Fear 2

The reactions I got are the reactions I predicted. I saw people engaged fully in watching the video I presented as some where leaning forward in their seats to show that they were paying attention. I saw one person put their head down however I am not sure if it was to look away or because they were just tired. I also assumed that most of the reaction would happen in the minds of the people watching the video, I could not see much of a facial reaction from people so I am guessing that most of the reaction was happening in their thoughts. After the video people some were firm in thinking that what was shown was fake but I do not know if some people did question what they believe and why.

One thing I would do to change my experiment is to definitely add more content. I would want to add more to give a person more of an in depth feeling of them being more exposed to the unexplained. At the beginning of making my project I thought about adding jump scares where something loud, sudden, and creepy appeared. To get different reaction I would add in a jump scare or two to analyze how easy it is for people to jump even if they expect it but just to know when. One other thing I an think of to put into my video would be to put maybe things are are beautiful and fully known. I do not know how this could potentially change the reactions that people may have.


I believe what and where fear comes from is the unknown. The mystery of the unexplained causes us to not know the truth and therefor allowing us to create in our minds something that is probably scarier than the truth. When  a person knows what something is all the facts then what is becomes nonthreatening. An example of this is anything that moves in the dark if you do not know what it is it is frightening but say you kn what it was and it moved then you would think twice or even notice the noise that said thing made. All that we do not know scares us but in knowing what everything truly is then we will not fear it, unless it is something to be scared about.

Depending on the person I would expect people to be uneasy. Some people may want to look away or will be engaged fully.  Most of the reaction will be in their minds making them question what they believe in and why. Also I assume that people will think about what I present later than just in the class.

What the Bleep

Certain aspects of the video really stood out to me. The whole way our brains work with the connections we create in our brain. That when we have a routine we re-wire our brains to what we like what we are familiar with. I have noticed that I do not like doing something that I have never done before. Usually it it something that does not relate to anything I have ever done. I know that I can learn how to do something new that I can eventually know how to do a new task, my initial reaction to something new is to not want to do it. Also with thing that I know how to do I go back to my first experience and respond in that way to it. For example washing my face n the morning I can now tolerate water when it is cold or wait for the water to get warm. However my first experience of washing my face in the morning was painful, very cold, and uncomfortable. I know that I can wash my face with no problem but my first experience always come to mind when I debate whether to wash my face in the morning and lean towards not messing with water in the morning.

Another part of the video that got me thinking was in 2-D world where the circle had know idea what 3-D was and was completely unimaginable to her. Thinking of our world something from another world could try and explain how there world or dimension is and we would not be able to comprehend the words of their world.

Vision Board


Vision Board

For my Vision Board I made an image of an ideal situation in my life that would help me get to one of my end goals. To help create something that many people enjoy to have a skill to make people value what I create. I like the idea of looking at this image the the rest of the semester,, I will put it as my desktop background and If I can figure it out possibly on my phone.

All the things I put into my vision board are what inspire me, things that I enjoy and want to create. I would go to all these things for references and get ideas to create something that is equally awesome.

Class take away (11-4-13)

What stood out to me in class was how everyone had there own way of reacting to music in a certain setting. Some people need music or noise to focus and others need silence to focus. I never thought some people needed a noisy environment do be productive and also how that may be because of our noisy generation almost always having noise being played around us. For me I usually need it to be quit if I am going to do work. However I can tolerate noise when doing most of my work I need complete silence for reading otherwise I can never finish a page and understand what I just read. But on the flip side of noise I cant play video games without it. I even go out of my way to set up music before I start to play some games. And when the volume is all the way down I get uncomfortable and put the volume up.

For the bliss assignment I became more aware of why I do not do anything in what I want a career in. It does not come easy for me to work in 3D. If I had the money to get a good computer I would be more willing to work on 3D and learn. But there are great computers at the school however it is also not easy for me to just come to school on my free time and work on 3D. I do not have a car so i cant come and go as I please and I dont feel like getting dropped off at the school to stay the night downtown at a friends house or at the school. I now know that it is not going to be easy and I am just gonna have to go through the unpleasantness of learning 3D to become good at it.

Class take away (10/21/13)

What stood out to me the most is that I want to create awesomeness. I have been inspired my whole life by video games and shows to think in a fantasy realm and create fight scenes, scenarios, and just stuff that doesn’t exist in reality in my head. But that as far as my ideas go, never able to bring the images in my head out for others to see what I see.

My medium is 3D however i’m not good at it in fact I’m terrible I currently have no ability to bring to life what I think. So I need to get better and I will be able to do that by seriously putting more of my time, energy, and resources into it. The reason why I have not done so already is because I don’t have what I need. Time and energy I got as for as resources I do not have a powerful computer with all the software professionals are using.