Fear 3

Travis Hinkle did his project by having everyone judge his 3-D work. Travis allowed us to grade his work on a scale form 1-10, 10 being the best, other that that we were free to judge what he had done.

His project had the biggest impact on me because I also want to go into 3-D. I graded Travis’s work based on a professional level portfolio because if i showed my 3-D work to others I would want them to judge it harshly to see where I need improvement to be with the best. I ranked most of Travis’s work mostly low however I thought his piece with the pink scooter was professional and looked great and that one I ranked the highest. 

Comparing his project to mine and fear, he created all of his work where I took some YouTube videos and edited them a bit. I didn’t create much of my project. With fear, my fear is fear of something else, something not fully known. Where Travis’s fear was based on what people thought of his work. I have done few of the same works Travis has done but so far I have not gone far in working in 3-D. What I want to do is 3-D animation making objects and models move in the most accurate way possible. However I need to make models first which I fear to make because I do not know how to do them at a professional level.


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